I still cannot get my head around why Oaksterdam got raided. It makes no sense to me. Oaksterdam University was founded and run by Richard Lee, a medical marijuana patient, who happens to be in a wheelchair. He turned a rundown forgotten downtown area into a small utopian business center that generated huge amounts of money for the city of Oakland. 

He is also the man that put together Prop. 19, that almost had cannabis completely legal for Californians in 2010 (53.5% No vs 46.5 % Yes). What was the task force meeting like before the Feds went to raid Mr. Lee,  “Ok regulators, mount up! There is this guy in a wheelchair, who’s legal business is paying over a million dollars to the state in taxes during one of the worst financial collapses of our lifetimes. Lets go scare the shit out of him.”


Were these agents drunk? That is like if you were really hungry and you wanted a hamburger, so you just punched the cook in the mouth as hard as you could so he never wants to make food again.  


Legalizing Cannabis does makes sense to me, it could help fund an affordable healthcare system for the middle class and make this country a more peaceful place in general – aka less assholes punching people in the mouth for making hamburgers.