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By Brian Abrams

Drug Use Rises in 50s, Dips Among Teens

Baby boomers' use of marijuana and other drugs is increasing usage rates among older adults, while drug use among teenagers is declining, according to a national survey released Thursday.

Street Prices of Cannabis, Ecstasy and Cocaine at an All-time Low

The price of cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and other drugs is at an all-time low, clearly indicating that efforts to stem the spread of illegal drugs on Britain's streets are failing.

China Launches Satellite for Super Fruit and Vegetables

China has launched a satellite carrying fruit and vegetable as part of a plan to help develop space-enhanced produce to feed the country's 1.3 billion people.


All entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Entrant certifies that photos are voluntarily submitted and are of the actual entrant him/herself. In order to be considered for publication, photos submitted must be of reasonable quality (min. of 300dpi, 3"x4"), and must conta...



Pot Plants Seized in Marin Raid Disappear

Bundles containing 1,200 marijuana plants cut down by narcotics agents hours earlier were stolen - possibly by the illicit growers - from a site on the Mount Tamalpais watershed in the middle of the night, water district officials said Friday.


1) The Coffeeshop Tours Smoker Friendly Canal Cruise - Take an amazing 90 minute tour of Amsterdam's canals by private boat with the HIGH TIMES Crew on November 21st! The tour includes music by the Hard Rock Cafe, a food buffet, unlimited drinks (the best Heineken you will e...

CONCERT REVIEW: Damian Marley/Ben Harper – SummerStage, Central Park

A rainy night didn't prevent rising reggae star Damian Marley from providing sparks in last night's opening set at SummerStage in Central Park. With umbrellas in the air, the youngest Marley brother mixed originals and his father's tunes in an hour-long performance. I arrive...

Busted Letter #100 - The High Cost of Good Bud

My story begins when I chose to attend college in a small redneck town in Georgia. Being from Atlanta I had easy access to excellent bud but in this small town good bud was extremely rare, and way overpriced. In order to remedy this problem I began bringing back a few ounces...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
A company calling itself High Times Travel LLC (hightimestravel.com) has illegally infringed on the HIGH TIMES trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle.

This company is not affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine in any way. If you have purchased a travel package from High Times Travel LLC please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing us at travelcomplaint@hightimes.com