High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 07.02.15

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of July 2. 2015.


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Parents Drug Children for Exams

Beijing, June 06: Some stressed out parents in the Chinese financial hub of Shanghai have been searching for a prescription stimulant to give their children ahead of this week's national college exams, the Beijing News said on Tuesday.

'Prince of Pot' Hearing Set for November

Vancouver -- The long-delayed extradition trial of Marc Emery, Canada's self-proclaimed 'prince of pot,' is now set to start in November, more than 27 months after Mr. Emery and two alleged associates were arrested in Vancouver on United States warrants for selling marijuana...

Guard Charged with Smuggling Marijuana into Prison

June 4, 2007 (MICHIGAN CITY, Ind.) - An Indiana State Prison guard was arrested today and accused of trying to smuggle marijuana into the facility.

Connecticut Medical Marijuana Bill Wins OK

HARTFORD - The state Senate, in a 23-13 bipartisan vote, last night approved a bill to legalize the medical use of marijuana to relieve the suffering of patients with debilitating conditions such as cancer or AIDS.

Double Standard Persists on Marijuana

At a recent backyard barbecue in Miami's Upper Eastside, a group of middle-age, middle-class folks tamely sipped berry cocktails and beers. Among them: a couple of lawyers, a couple of city administrators and an arts administrator. Somewhere between the skirt steak and the a...

MOVIE REVIEW: Bug - Not Your Average Thriller

By Brian Abrams

Baltimore Area Electric Bills Going Up by 50% Starting Today

More than a year after a major proposed electricity rate increase ignited a political firestorm, rates for BGE's 1.2 million customers are due to go up 50 percent today, bringing the price of power nearly as high as it would have been if state leaders had done nothing at all...

Medical Marijuana: Rhode Island Bill Passes With Veto-Proof Majorities

Only one man now stands between Rhode Islanders and a permanent medical marijuana law, and even he isn't going to be able to stop it. On Wednesday, the state Senate voted overwhelmingly for the bill. Last week, the state House passed it by a similar margin.

VT Medical Marijuana Law Expanded

MONTPELIER -- Steve Perry of Randolph Center welcomed news Thursday that a bill expanding eligibility for the state's medical marijuana registry would become law -- even though the governor refused to sign it.

Rotterdam to Close Half of its Marijuana-selling Coffee Shops

Almost half of Rotterdam's coffee shops, where marijuana can be sold, have been told to close down because they are located within 250 meters of a secondary school or a college, Dutch paper De Volkskrant reported Friday.



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