High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 07.30.15

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of July 30, 2015.


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Pot Stars Like Us

We're here to smoke weed and kick ass ... and we're almost out of weed. (Almost Infamous - May 2007)


He’s part clown, part firebrand, and utterly fearless. When comedian Katt Williams takes the stage, he becomes a veritable buzz saw ripping through pretense and exposing the elemental humor in this earthly journey we all share. He has been embraced by black and white a...


Story by Danny Danko.


Most people mine for gold and rare crystals. Other people mine for nuggets and Bling. For a jewelry dealer on Broadway, there’s nothing more lucrative than a handful of diamonds. For a dealer on “Shakedown Street,” there’s nothing hotter than a handfu...


In February, the NORML Foundation commissioned a national poll to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, also known as the Shafer Commission, which issued a report recommending that cannabis be fully decriminalized for adult ...


Medical Marijuana Scores House Win in Connecticut

HARTFORD - The fight to legalize marijuana use for medicinal purposes scored a big win Wednesday when it cleared the House of Representatives by 31 votes.

Plant Extract May Block Cannabis Addiction

A drug which reduces the desire for marijuana and blocks its effect on the brain has been successfully tested in rats. Scientists say the findings may translate into better therapies for cannabis addiction in humans.

Top Court Hears Charter Challenge on Use of Sniffer Dogs

The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal Tuesday on whether a drug-sniffing dog inside a school in a southwestern Ontario city went beyond the reasonable limits of police powers.

Coalition Leaders Take Stand Against Jack in the Box Stoner Ads

Popular West Coast fast food chain, Jack in the Box, has always been known for their funny, edgy commercials, but prevention advocates and parents in San Diego County say a recent TV ad is anything but funny. Community leaders are outraged because the ad depicts a young pers...



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
A company calling itself High Times Travel LLC (hightimestravel.com) has illegally infringed on the HIGH TIMES trademark to sell travel packages for the upcoming US Cup in Seattle.

This company is not affiliated with HIGH TIMES Magazine in any way. If you have purchased a travel package from High Times Travel LLC please contact HIGH TIMES immediately by emailing us at travelcomplaint@hightimes.com