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HIGH TIMES 2015 Vape Pen Review: Top 5 Concentrate Pens

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Which concentrate vape pens made it to our Top 5 of the year? Watch this video and find out! 


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If you vote yes on a marijuana initiative today do the following:

Colorado Pro-pot Ads Target Bush, Cheney

DENVER - A group that claims marijuana use is safer than drinking ran newspaper ads Saturday mentioning allegations that

Colorado and Nevada to Vote on Marijuana Legalization Measures Tuesday

With a measure to legalize the possession of up to one ounce of pot on the ballot in Colorado and a measure to allow the regulated sale of marijuana and the possession of up to an ounce in Nevada, Tuesday could be the first time voters in any American state have embraced an ...

Celebrity Stoners

Feature: Celebrity Stoners

Marijuana Delivery Services Flourish In NYC

(AP) NEW YORK In a city where you can get just about anything delivered to your door -- groceries, dry cleaning, Chinese food -- pot smokers are increasingly ordering takeout marijuana from drug rings that operate with remarkable corporate-style attention to customer satisfa...

Salvia Divinorum: A Legal Herb, Powerful Like LSD, and Available in Utah

Methamphetamine. Cocaine. LSD. We've all heard how dangerous, even deadly, these drugs can be. But have you heard of salvia divinorum? It's an herb, but some call it the world's most potent natural hallucinogen.

MOVIE REVIEW: Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Devout fans of cable TV’s satirical series, Da Ali G Show, have anticipated the release of its feature-length film adaptation for some time now; unfortunately, those HBO addicts will probably be the most disappointed among the crowds who flock to theaters this weekend ...

Cannabis Column - #35

Youngsters Beat Police to Dumped Cannabis Plants

POLICE failed to find cannabis dumped behind a parade of shops despite the Harrow Times handing them pictures of plants and bags of soil.

California ‘Pot Docs‘ Put Selves at Risk

COOL, Calif. - Dr. Mollie Fry never thought telling her patients where to get the medicine she recommended for pain, depression and nausea would be a problem.



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