High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 07.02.15

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of July 2. 2015.


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Temple Weeds Out 'Tree of Life'

Congregation of Christians, Jews uses marijuana for religious 'sacrament'

Morocco Halves Hashish Production

Drought and an efficient anti-drug campaign have drastically cut hashish production in Morocco, the world's biggest producer of the drug until now, according to a United Nations report quoted Tuesday by the Spanish daily El Pais.

The Hemp Fields of China

Clothing co., Hemp Works, tours the remote Chinese village where hemp is cultivated and fashioned into their popular Hoodlamb. Plus, babes and buds on the beach in another peek at HIGH TIMES' upcoming reality show!

Dealers Using MySpace Web Site to Sell Illegal Drugs

More bad publicity for the popular Internet site MySpace. Florida Police say the popular website is quickly becoming the new street corner for drug dealers.

Op Ed: Feds Still Ostriches On Medical Marijuana

RESEARCHERS at the University of California, San Francisco, have presented more evidence of medical benefits from marijuana.

South Street Boutique Gets Surprise Pot Packages

Workers at a downtown boutique called police after unexpectedly receiving two buckets of marijuana worth $90,000.

Tommy Chong to Raise Money to Help 'Guru of Ganja' Defend Himself at Federal Trial

PIEDMONT, Calif. -- Tommy Chong, star of stoner movie classics "Up in Smoke" and "Nice Dreams," will help raise money for the self-proclaimed "Guru of Ganja."

Indoor Pot Farms a Growing Trend in Rural Maine

ALFRED - The recent arrests of two men accused of running large indoor marijuana-growing operations in York County is the latest example of what police say is a trend for growers to buy "shell" homes in rural areas.



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