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High on the Street: Legalize it!

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HIGH TIMES hit the streets to learn more about pot and politics and find out how everyday New Yorkers would go about legalizing marijuana if they were president. Join HIGH TIMES correspondent Allie Peck for another installment of High on the Street! 


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MARCH 2008

GLASS of 2008

MARCH 2008

GLASS of 2008

Cost of Medical Pot ID Cards Getting Higher

SANTA CRUZ -- The cost of a medical marijuana identification card in the county is getting higher.

Busted Letter #123 – Basement “Hydro Lab”

My wife and I got busted back in October. Someone called the D.H.S. and told them that there was a gash on my son's head and we did not seek medical help, which was not true. A worker and a state trooper came to look at him and saw that he was fine. After that they came up w...

SAFER Central

By Mason Tvert

New Jersey Residents: Help Bring Medical Marijuana to Our State

The time has come for New Jersey to join the 12 other states that allow seriously ill patients access to medical marijuana! Help make it happen by asking legislators to support the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island Busted for Pot in Idaho

DRIGGS - Perhaps they should have called her Mary Jane.

Is Salvia the Next Marijuana?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — On Web sites touting the mind-blowing powers of Salvia divinorum, come-ons to buy the hallucinogenic herb are accompanied by warnings: "Time is running out!" and "stock up while you still can."

The Drug Free America Foundation's Online Poll

The Drug Free America Foundation is currently running an online poll that asks Web surfers whether they “agree,” “strongly agree,” “disagree,” “somewhat disagree” or “strongly disagree” with the statement “Dru...

SXSW 2008: Going Cuckoo for Cannabis

With 4/20 only a little more than a month away, SXSW kicked off an all-encompassing celebration of marijuana on Friday with the regional premiere of the Doug Benson doc "Super High Me" at the Paramount Theatre, shortly before other comedies about the herb made their premiere...



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