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Toking Tips 101: Breaking Up Buds

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There are many ways to break up bud when preparing to roll a joint. Here are some simple tips for better grinding.


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Brain's Marijuana-like Chemicals Postpone Pain

WEDNESDAY, June 22 (HealthDay News) -- Experts have long known that the brain has the ability to suspend the pain response in times of injury and great stress, even after traumatic incidents such as gunshot wounds.

Dover Headshop to Fight Paraphernalia Law

DOVER — Smoke Signals, the downtown smoke shop, has taken its fight for the return of merchandise police seized in a raid to the state Supreme Court, starting a process that could change the interpretation of the state's drug paraphernalia law.

Rhode Island: House Set to Try Again Today on Medical Marijuana

PROVIDENCE, R.I. The House is scheduled to try again today for a vote on a bill to legalize marijuana for people sick with certain diseases.

AAMC & Kottonmouth Kings Scheduled to Protest Supreme Court Ruling on Medicinal Marijuana

The AAMC (American Alliance for Medical Cannabis) and Suburban Noize Recording Artists the Kottonmouth Kings have joined forces for an upcoming demonstration and protest on June 25th in West Los Angeles, CA at the US Federal Building.

Sativex: Cannabis-based Painkiller Available in Canada

TORONTO, Ontario (AP) -- A cannabis-based painkiller for multiple sclerosis patients went on sale Monday in Canada, the first country to approve the spray derived from the marijuana plant.

Real Estate Agents Target Pot Operations

MONTREAL (CP) - Quebec real estate agents are trying to stop what they call a "plague" of marijuana grow operations across the province.

JORGE'S RX: Grow Box

Grow Box

That's Dope: Marijuana Vaporizer Without the Smoke

SAN FRANCISCO - The biggest hit on the medical marijuana scene could soon be a high-tech gizmo that lets people inhale the drug but skip the smoke.

Cops Raid Wrong Duplex With Noise Device Over 4ozs. of Marijuana

NAMPA, Idaho -- Police in this southwestern Idaho town raided the wrong duplex, throwing a powerful noisemaking device through the unit's window and standing outside with guns drawn.



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