High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 07.15.15

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Our favorite reader submitted pot photos for the week of July 15, 2015.


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Computer Stunner for Family

A family who sent their home computer away for repairs were left stunned to receive back a different laptop - full of files detailing how to set up an illegal cannabis farm.

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

If he could have made it here with us he would have been 62 years old today. HIGH TIMES salutes counter culture hall of fame member, Bob Marley. Happy Birthday Bob, we miss you.

Sarah Silverman Digs Cough Syrup

Fans of Jesus Is Magic are going to love The Sarah Silverman Program, which debuted last night on Comedy Central. It's kooky, irreverent and thoroughly endearing. Comedy Central may have a hit on their hands.

DEA Fears Might Send Hemp Plans Up In Smoke

OSNABROCK, N.D. - David Monson arrived at church the picture of rural conservative respectability, dressed in a suit and accompanied by his 79-year-old mother. Tall, neatly trimmed, attentive to neighbors as he escorted his mother to a pew, he is all you might expect and mor...

NORML Teams With Corporate Software Maker to Draft First-Ever 'Enlightened' Employee MJ Policy

Washington, DC: NORML and business software designer JIAN have partnered together to draft corporate guidelines recommending employers treat workers' off-the-clock cannabis use in a manner similar to alcohol. The policy will be included in the forthcoming edition of JIAN's "...

Busted Letter #107 – Nowhere to Smoke

I've lived in California my whole life and never had to deal with authority figures about my illegal habit. I also just recently got my medical license. In August of 2006, I moved to Arizona for school. Arizona is a lot different than California, especially with weed laws...

The Ultimate Stoner Gadget: Hands-On the Volcano Herb Vaporizer

REVIEW FROM GIZMODO.COM - Click the source link for photos.

Founding Fathers

High Times founder Tom Forcade and Quad Graphics founder Harry Quadracci were two-of-a-kind maverick spirits. (Almost Infamous - Feb 2007)

Despite Violating Probation, Bears' Johnson Allowed to Play in Super Bowl

Bears' lineman Terry "Tank" Johnson has problems. On Dec. 14, a raid of his Chicago-area home found guns and marijuana. Johnson was charged with gun possession and his roommate/bodyguard Willie Posey took the hit for a large amount of marijuana confiscated. Just two days lat...

Whooooa. Nanticoke Gets Nod in National Pot Publication

High Times lists availability of a particular potent strain of high-grade marijuana in city.



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