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HIGH TIMES 2015 Vape Pen Review: Top 5 Herbal Pens

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This year HIGH TIMES pulled out all the stops and reviewed over 100 vape pens for flower and concentrate, with 27 judges weighing in on every part of each device to come up with the best vaporizers available.  


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Two men have suffered terrifying visual and auditory hallucinations after eating a popular local seafish in Mediterranean restaurants.

Heads Vs. Feds Earlham College

It was "the Heads versus the Feds," on the issue of legalizing marijuana.

Happy 4/20, Stoners!

Today is "the day of celebration, the real time to get high, the grandmaster of all holidays: 4/20, or April 20th." Yes, indeed it is. Interestingly, those words were written some 15 years ago. They were penned by an anonymous Deadhead who helped create the 420 legend with a...

420 Enthusiasts to Honor Cannabis on High Holiday

Caitlin Price / Culture Senior Writer

NORML Conference 4/20 Potcast

Let's put our heads together and come up with a great way to celebrate 4/20... How about joining NORML founder Keith Stroup, Executive Director Allen St. Pierre, and the hundreds of other freedom fighters gathered in San Francisco for this year's NORML Conference, the annual...

Busted Letter #87 – The Shroom Room

I'm here to tell the sad story of my long lost shroom lab. I guess it started like anything else, 2 broke stoners sitting around thinking how to get ahead a little. I wanted to grow weed, but because of the close neighbors and the uncontrollable smell we opted for shrooms.

Army Probes Marijuana Smuggling Into Kuwait

ARIFJAN, Kuwait (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Tuesday it was investigating allegations that its postal service was used to smuggle marijuana, following the arrest of three civilian sub-contractors by Kuwait authorities.

Halliburton's Immigrant Detention Centers

While thousands of people were celebrating the contribution America's undocumented immigrants make to our economy, and demanding justice and recognition for workers who are denied basic rights, the government was making plans for large-scale detention centers in case of an "...

Malaysia Bans Distribution of High Times Magazine

The Malaysian Internal Security Ministry has banned the distribution and possession of three books written in English, Malaysian national news agency Bernama said on Wednesday.

Hundreds of Kilos of Marijuana Wash Up on Beach in Israel

Two sacks containing more than 200 kilos of marijuana saturated with salt water washed up on a beach near Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael Wednesday. Police assess that this is part of an attempt to smuggle the drugs by sea.



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