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Toking Tips 101: Breaking Up Buds

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There are many ways to break up bud when preparing to roll a joint. Here are some simple tips for better grinding.


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MESA, Ariz. – Aerial drones patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border will be grounded after the current contract expires next Sunday so the federal government can evaluate the program's effectiveness, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection says.

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The number of Oregon patients allowed to use the drug soars to nearly 10,000, which some see as a success and others a problem

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It seemed fitting that System of a Down would be in New York City on Halloween — a band who’d worn bizarre makeup, whose lyrics had attacked government corruption and conspiracy, the horrors of war, a band noted for their middle-eastern melodies, whose amazing ne...


The sounds and fury of real live WWII combat, right in your living room. That’s what the creators of Call of Duty- Finest Hour were after when they put together this gritty and brutally realistic videogame based on the second war to end all wars.



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