High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Day Two Highlights

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HIGH TIMES is thrilled to return to Michigan for our third Medical Cannabis Cup in the Great Lakes State. Take a look at some of the highlights from Day Two (August 23) of the 2015 Medical Cannabis Cup in Clio, Michigan. 


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Final Cup Schedule

NOV. 16-NOV. 19

Marijuana Clubs Busted

A medicinal marijuana club at 14th & Mission was raided by the D.E.A yesterday as well as eight other places throughout San Francisco and Oakland. In total, fifteen people were arrested and over 13,000 pot plants were confiscated. Medicinal Marijuana advocates are saying the...

Jefferson Starship Returns!

Jefferson Starship, The Skeletones, and Muck Sticky will join the Kottonmouth Kings on the 19th Cup performance schedule. These shows are open to judges only. A full schedule of events will be posted at the end of the week.

THC Patch and Gum Right Around the Corner?

Doctors have long known that marijuana can be useful in the treatment of emaciated and anorexic patients from diseases like chemotherapy and AIDS. Many doctors have and still prescribe marijuana - yes it can be obtained legally through a prescription. Now, the government is ...

'Cocaine' Takes a Hit

The maker of the latest high-energy drink - Cocaine - must have snorted the real thing, a Queens lawmaker charged yesterday.

Eric Clapton Rethinks Playing 'Cocaine'

Eric Clapton is playing "Cocaine" in concert again. The recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who founded the Crossroads Centre addiction recovery center on the Caribbean island of Antigua, stopped performing the song written by J.J. Cale when he first got sober.

Cannabis-Based Spray Shows Positive Impact on Overactive Bladder Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis: Presented at ECTRIMS

MADRID, SPAIN -- October 3, 2006 -- Treatment with cannabis-based Sativex has a positive and sometimes significant impact on the symptoms of overactive bladder in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, researchers reported here at the 22nd Congress of the European Committee for T...

Busted Letter #102 – What Happened in Vegas Didn’t Stay in Vegas

I recently got fired for failing a DOT random drug test, even though I work in a non-safety sensitive position. I haven't driven a truck for over six years. I sit in an office and answer phones.

Anti-doping Agency Defends Stance on Cannabis

LAUSANNE - The World Anti Doping Agency (Wada) has defended the continued inclusion of cannabis on its prohibited list of substances following criticism that the ban is placing unnecessary strain on sporting federations.

George Michael Arrested on Drug Charges Again

LONDON -- George Michael was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana after police found him slumped over the steering wheel of his car in London, authorities said Monday.



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