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HIGH TIMES Issue Preview: December 2015

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It's finally here! HIGH TIMES magazine's Top 10 Strains of 2015! Senior cultivation editor Danny Danko unveils the very best pot varieties of the year, including Cannabis Cup winners and other superstar strains.


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Despite the swirling snow and blustery wind outside, Pat DeFillippo's tomato plant is flourishing. He also is growing basil, rosemary, marjoram, and even, a little fig tree that's just starting to show buds.

NFL Announces Tougher Drug Testing

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Snoop Dogg Pleads Not Guilty To Weapon Possession

Rapper Snoop Dogg entered a not guilty plea Wednesday to a felony charge of possession of a deadly weapon at John Wayne Airport.

Police Erase Airport Video of Vick

A security video showing Falcons quarterback Michael Vick surrendering a water bottle to a security screener at Miami International Airport was erased because it would not be needed for evidence.

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The final performance of The Marijuana-Logues at Comix on Saturday (Jan. 20) was a raucous affair. Plenty loose from the five previous shows over three nights, original cast members and the show's co-writers Doug Benson, Tony Camin and Arj Barker confronted a loud audience w...

Crosby on Cannabis: 'I Like to Smoke Pot'

The Crosby in Crosby, Still & Nash - David Crosby - continues to smoke pot despite his infamous drug problems that include a jail stint for coke and heroin abuse in 1985 and a marijuana arrest in 2004.



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