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High on the Street: Legalize it!

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HIGH TIMES hit the streets to learn more about pot and politics and find out how everyday New Yorkers would go about legalizing marijuana if they were president. Join HIGH TIMES correspondent Allie Peck for another installment of High on the Street! 


Recent Articles

Verizon Says Phone Record Disclosure is Protected Free Speech

Verizon is one of the phone companies currently being sued over its alleged disclosure of customer phone records to the NSA. In a response to the court last week, the company asked for the entire consolidated case against it to be thrown out—on free speech grounds.

Thousands Rally 'round the World to Legalize Marijuana

The Global Marijuana March (a.k.a. Jay Day) sparked protests in more than 200 cities on Saturday (May 5), with thousands marching and attending rallies that called for legalizing pot.

Bonghitters to Open 2007 Softball Season Against Rolling Stone

Tonight is the opening game of the 2007 High Times softball season. The legendary Bonghitters will face counterculture rivals Rolling Stone on their new field in Central Park's renovated Heckscher Playground at 7 pm. Check back at CelebStoner for weekly game updates.

Marijuana Activists Brutalized by Moscow Police During Annual Demonstration

Eugene Kazachenko distributed the following disconcerting report from Moscow yesterday:

About 20,000 Marchers Smoke Up for Freer Pot Laws

Some 20,000 marijuana advocates blew smoke on the lawn of Queen's Park and puffed away as they marched the streets of Toronto on Saturday.

Smuggler-Tracking Unit Uses Traditional Methods

TOHONO O'ODHAM NATION, ARIZ. -- In an era of unmanned drones, night-vision goggles and wireless sensors, Sloan Satepauhoodle scours the desert along the Mexican border for drug smugglers in the old ways.

Pot Aficionados Weed Through Best Marijuana

Once the drug of choice with hippies and burnouts, marijuana is joining fine wine on the list of indulgences with serious snob appeal.

Baby Bull-shit: Baseball Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda Busted for Buds

They called him the "Baby Bull" when he played baseball for 17 years, starting in 1958. Now Orlando Cepeda, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1999, is facing charges of possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia after he was stopped for speeding on May 1 in Cordelia, C...

Appeals Court Reverses Marijuana Conviction on Medical Grounds

SPOKANE, Wash. — The conviction of an aging motel owner who said he grew marijuana to treat his glaucoma has been reversed on medical grounds in what his lawyer said may be the first ruling of its kind in Washington state.



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