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The HIGH TIMES Interview: Bruce Campbell

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Bruce Campbell--star of the Evil Dead trilogy--sat down with HIGH TIMES senior editor Bobby Black to discuss his upcoming series Ash vs. Evil Dead...


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Dallas Police Officer Charged with Taking Evidence

DALLAS, Ore. - A Dallas police officer is charged with theft and marijuana possession after an investigation that found that evidence had been mishandled.

French Police Thwart Joint-rolling World Record Attempt

Police in France said they had thwarted an attempt by a group of marijuana smokers to roll the world's longest joint by seizing a work-in-progress measuring 80 centimetres (32 inches) in length.

Counterfeit Cannabis

Greenfield, Mass. — Joseph White's home office is like a modern-day hippie hangout.

Canada's 'Prince of Pot' Ties the Knot

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Marc Emery, known as Canada's Prince of Pot, has married a woman who apparently doesn't mind the possibility he could spend much of their marriage in court or a U.S. prison.

Busted Letter #97 - Medical Marijuana Bust

I was a caregiver of medical marijuana in St. Helens, OR. One night I got into a little argument with my boyfriend and the old people next door called the cops on us (I don’t know why as the argument was only like five minutes long, if that). I left my trailer and wen...


NBA's Kemp Nabbed on Marijuana Charge

Former NBA player Shawn Kemp was arrested in Houston on Friday for possession of an illegal substance, according to officials.

Torrance City Council Officials Fail to Block Marijuana

Members vote 3-2 in favor of a ban on medical dispensaries, but four votes were required. The proposal could be brought back.


While some of today’s drug-policy-reform groups hold fund-raisers and self-congratulatory soirees, NORML continues to meet with, listen to and learn from the stakeholders who are actively seeking an end to nearly 70 years of marijuana prohibition. And so, if you’...


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