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Harvest Time at Marisol Gardens

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Ever wonder what goes in to producing high-quality, legal cannabis on a large scale in Colorado? HIGH TIMES stopped by Marisol Gardens in Pueblo for a behind-the-scenes look at their harvest on 4/20.


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Bill Seeks Medical Defense Of Marijuana

KANSAS - A bill introduced in a Senate committee Monday would allow judges to consider a medical condition as defense of marijuana possession.

Denver Committee Talks About Pot Enforcement

A Mayoral Committee appointed to implement a referendum passed in Denver last fall concerning the priority of marijuana enforcement held its first meeting Monday.

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Old-time libertarians will recall a lot of the names dropped in this 1988 High Times article about then Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron Paul: Andre Marrou, Ed Clark, Dick Randolph, Murray Rothbard, John Hospers, Roger McBride, Tonie Nathan, David Bergland, Eric ...

Medical Pot Users Need Job Protection


Court: Employers Can Fire Employees for Using Medical Marijuana

The Supreme Court of California has ruled that employers have the right to refuse to employ workers who use marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana Vending Machines Opening for Business in LA

Holy crap, what country is LA in? I mean, last time I was there I was surprised enough at the billboards offering medicinal marijuana cards, but this is insane. Starting on Monday, people who have medical conditions such as glaucoma, cancer, and the deadly not-stoned-enough ...

Lil' Wayne Goes Free, Yet To Be Charged In Drug Bust

Just a day after Lil' Wayne was hauled into jail on three felony drug counts, the self professed greatest rapper alive was free and signing autographs.

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