High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 07.15.15

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Our favorite reader submitted pot photos for the week of July 15, 2015.


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Tennessee "Crack Tax" Brings in Nearly $2 Million in First Year

During its first year, Tennessee's "Crack Tax" has brought in nearly $2 million dollars in state revenue.

California Assembly Passes Hemp-Farming Bill

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The state Assembly on Thursday approved a bill that would add California to the growing number of states seeking to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp -- a biological relative of marijuana.

Failed Pot Refugee Steve Kubby Leaves Canada to Face U.S. Jail Sentence

There was an emotional farewell Thursday at Vancouver International Airport as medical marijuana crusader Steve Kubby reluctantly returned to the United States to face a jail sentence.

Authorities Seize Land of Man Facing Marijuana Charges

MILWAUKEE - An undeveloped plot of land owned by a man facing marijuana trafficking charges has been seized by the Internal Revenue Service, which said it was bought with proceeds from drug dealing and used to grow marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Gathers Momentum in New Mexico

The Lynn Pierson Compassionate Use Act, New Mexico's medical marijuana bill, passed unanimously out of its first committee hearing on Tuesday, January 24.

Tons of Marijuana Found in Border Tunnel

SAN DIEGO -- Authorities were removing an estimated 2 tons of marijuana from a "massive" cross-border tunnel that began near the Tijuana airport and ended near an apparently vacant industrial building on the U.S. side, officials said.


Men in Mexican Army Uniforms Confront Texas Lawmen

(SIERRA BLANCA, TEXAS) -- Local lawmen in remote west Texas came face to face with ten armed men wearing what appeared to be Mexican army camouflage uniforms who came to the aid of one of three suspected drug dealers' vehicles when it became stuck in the riverbank of the Rio...

Raid Reveals Underground Railroad of Marijuana

Officers said they found two buried rail box cars that were used in a sophisticated marijuana growing operation.


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