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PIX OF THE CROP: 07.30.15

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of July 30, 2015.


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By Jason Storbakken


Dutch Pot Laws Under a Cloud

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Paul Wilhelm speaks about marijuana the way a vintner might discuss wine. He talks of aroma, taste and texture, of flowering periods, the pros and cons of hydroponic cultivation.

Britain Rules Out Cannabis Reclassification

The home secretary, Charles Clarke, today ruled out another reclassification of cannabis despite recent warnings that the drug can cause serious mental illness.

Gore Calls for Special Counsel on Eavesdropping

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former Vice President Al Gore called on Monday for an independent counsel to investigate whether President George W. Bush broke the law in authorizing domestic eavesdropping without court approval.

New Medical Marijuana Law Doesn't Say Where Patients Will Get Pot

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - When Debra Nievera went before lawmakers to ask them to legalize medical marijuana, she envisioned a program that would let her safely acquire the drug to alleviate the painful symptoms of the intestinal disorder Crohn's disease and other ailments.

Pot Advocates Push Statewide Legalization in Colorado and Nevada

DENVER -- Stoked by their surprise victory in Denver, marijuana-legalization advocates are hoping to ride the momentum with statewide ballot initiatives this year in Colorado and Nevada. Colorado activists announced a drive two weeks ago aimed at bringing a clone of Denver'...

Pro-Pot Sticker Blamed for Denver "Dangling Air Freshener" Ticket

A pro-pot group alleges that an Aurora police officer pulled over one of its members this week because he had a marijuana legalization sticker on the back of his vehicle.

Roseville Marijuana Club Owner Arrested

FORT BRAGG, Calif. -- In 2004, federal agents raided a medicinal marijuana shop in Roseville. On Friday, the owner of that business was involved in another raid.



Important notice for Seattle US Cannabis Cup attendees.
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