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Which Presidential Candidate’s Astrological Chart is Most Favorable for Pot?

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Debra Silverman has worked as a psychotherapist for nearly 40 years, yet she’s not your typical psychologist. Silverman is also an astrologer and she merges the two disciplines to form a unique method for treating patients.


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HIGH TIMES Interview: Sean Paul

HT sits down with the dancehall superstar at the HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup.

PIX OF THE CROP - 12.09.11

Our favorite reader submissions. 

PIX OF THE CROP - 12.09.11

Our favorite reader submissions. 

Aussies Inching Closer to Okaying Hempseed in Foods

Governmental body Food Standards Australia proposed on Wednesday to amend the nation's Food Standards Code to sanction processed hempseed being utilized as an ingredient in a variety of food products, from staples like cheese to snacks like ice cream and energy bars.  &...

Marijuana Arrests Drop in NYC

Back in September New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly [link| http://hightimes.com/news/mike_hughes/7309|issued an internal order] cautioning NY cops not to make arrests for possession of pot in public view if the marijuana was found in pockets or bags. This policy...

New Study Finds Medical Pot Boosts Opiate Patient Pain Relief

Despite marijuana’s ability to provide substantial pain relief while being physically non-addictive and non-toxic, it has been opiates – a toxic substance with a high potential for abuse – that have been accepted by the medical mainstream for years. Ho...

Cops Get Canned For Supporting Drug Law Reform

The War on Drugs has created an inherent “us against them” mentality in many marijuana smokers. While the vast majority of cannabis consumers are otherwise law-abiding citizens – many of whom appreciate the efforts of law enforcement (when the law being enf...

Danny Danko's Marijuana Strain of the Week

AK-47 – Serious Seeds

Danny Danko's Marijuana Strain of the Week

AK-47 – Serious Seeds

NFL Hands Out Suspensions for Marijuana

At a disappointing 4-8 in 2011, the Washington Redskins’ season is all but over. However, for two players – left tackle Trent Williams and emerging tight end Fred Davis – the season is indeed over. Both players will be suspended four games for violating the...



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