High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Growbox Cultivation: Introduction

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Growing great pot in limited space can be tricky but HIGH TIMES editorial director and cultivation expert Nico Escondido has the solution. All-in-one, turn-key growboxes – like the one featured here from Cabinet Grow – offer solutions for w...


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Rell Vetoes Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Gov. M. Jodi Rell today vetoed legislation that would have allowed the medical use of marijuana, saying in a veto message she was unconvinced that the measure was medically necessary.

MOVIE REVIEW: Knocked Up - Romantic Comedy Never Had It So Good

Judd Apatow should do a proper remake of Sleepless in Seattle. His romance-comedy instincts are far more in tune (and less whiny) than that of the original writer Nora Ephron’s – at least that’s how it appears on screen. Because Apatow’s second featur...

High Court Says Passengers May Question Legality of Traffic Stops

A unanimous Supreme Court ruled yesterday that passengers in vehicles pulled over by the police have the same rights as drivers to challenge the legality of the traffic stop when it results in an arrest.

NY Medical Marijuana Bill May Not See Action this Term

ALBANY _ The GOP-controlled Senate and Democrat-dominated Assembly have bills to allow marijuana use for serious illnesses, but they disagree on how it would be dispensed and there may not be enough time or will to reach a compromise this session.

Paul Krassner: The War on Medical Marijuana

Anthropologists of the future will look back upon these times as incredibly barbaric. One such example is medical marijuana, which is already legal in a dozen states, yet prohibited -- and trumped -- by federal law.


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Wall Street's Bad Deal — Drug Addiction

Substance abuse, anxiety are undercurrents to recent boom, experts say

High in a Himalayan Hippy Haven

Cannabis grows wild in Manali but it was the excellent trout curry that Rhymer Rigby was unable to resist.

Suburbs the New Hot Spot for Pot Growers

After six years in prison, Mitchell Shane Estep still remembers the formula:

Marijuana Law's U.S. History

Since the earliest settlers, marijuana has long been a cash crop in the United States. Many people, however, don't know how it became illegal. This is a brief history of the infamous weed.



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