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Heartbreaking Video Challenges Views on Medical Marijuana

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An extremely moving TED talk earlier this month about medical marijuana left the entire crowd in tears. Check it out to see why.


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Wis. Police Pull Over Batgirl, Find Marijuana

It wasn't the Batmobile, but police in Wisconsin say they found "Batgirl" at the wheel during a traffic stop last week.

New Survey: Cannabis Strength Hasn't Changed in Ten Years

SCARE stories claiming the cannabis sold on London's streets is 20 times as strong as its equivalents ten years ago have been rubbished by an authoritative new study.

Marijuana Rally a Big Hit with Supporters

A group of teenagers wound through Boston Common. The leader of the posse, a high school junior with blue hair, stopped and said she liked to smoke pot. She then walked away.

November 2007 Issue Preview -- Harvest Special

Cultivation reporter Nico Escondido is lost in the woods on his way to British Columbia and all he's got to survive on is the latest issue of HIGH TIMES. Turns out, that's all he needs. The November issue features an interview with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, the lowdown on how to...

CONCERT REVIEW: Underworld – Central Park, NYC

By David Bienenstock

Busted Letter #117

My seventeen-year-old son was leaving a friends house (in NJ). He was driving his sister’s car. Less than one mile from his friend’s house he was pulled over for not having his headlights on. When asked for his license, registration and insurance he told the o...

High and Mighty: Bonghitters Win 2007 Media League Softball Championship

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers would be proud: The High Times Bonghitters scored one for the counterculture by beating not one, but two capitalist tools to win the New York Media Softball League Championship.

420 Campaign - Going Presidential

Want marijuana legalized in the United States? Now is a good time to let the various candidates for president know about it! It’s important the candidates for both the Democratic and Republican nomination for president hear from the public on the legalization issue. Th...

Study Shows Marijuana Component May Be Effective Against Mad Cow Disease

A NEW Zealand pro-cannabis group says it has scientific evidence that cannabis can stop the development of mad cow disease.

Hemp Activists Get the Joint Jumping

Two of the nation’s leading advocates for legalized marijuana were arrested on Boston Common yesterday for lighting up a joint during the Boston Freedom Rally, a pro-hemp event that promotes decriminalizing the drug.



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