High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


Growbox Cultivation: Introduction

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Growing great pot in limited space can be tricky but HIGH TIMES editorial director and cultivation expert Nico Escondido has the solution. All-in-one, turn-key growboxes – like the one featured here from Cabinet Grow – offer solutions for w...


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1) The Coffeeshop Tours Smoker Friendly Canal Cruise - Take an amazing 90 minute tour of Amsterdam's canals by private boat with the HIGH TIMES Crew on November 21st! The tour includes music by the Hard Rock Cafe, a food buffet, unlimited drinks (the best Heineken you will e...

CONCERT REVIEW: Damian Marley/Ben Harper – SummerStage, Central Park

A rainy night didn't prevent rising reggae star Damian Marley from providing sparks in last night's opening set at SummerStage in Central Park. With umbrellas in the air, the youngest Marley brother mixed originals and his father's tunes in an hour-long performance. I arrive...

Busted Letter #100 - The High Cost of Good Bud

My story begins when I chose to attend college in a small redneck town in Georgia. Being from Atlanta I had easy access to excellent bud but in this small town good bud was extremely rare, and way overpriced. In order to remedy this problem I began bringing back a few ounces...


By Brian Abrams

Undercover DEA Agent Mistaken For Robber

An undercover Drug Enforcement Administration agent was blocked from leaving a marijuana facility because he had a gun and employees thought he was a robber, medical marijuana advocates said Saturday.

Bonghitters Get Stoned

On the night of MTV's Video Music Awards, Rolling Stone staffers chose to play softball instead. It was a pretty shrewd decision for two innings, as they took a commanding 6-1 lead against the Bonghitters in Central Park. But then High Times' slugging stoners rallied for 6 r...

Officials Doubt Marijuana Policy Will Be Loosened

Campus officials shrugged off student leaders’ 10-page proposal requesting reduced punishments for students caught with marijuana on campus, saying the university is unlikely to loosen punishments for drug use.

Afghanistan Opium Crop Expected to Set Record

WASHINGTON — The U.S.-backed strategy to fight Afghanistan's massive drug trade has been unsuccessful in stemming opium cultivation, which is expected to hit record levels this year, a senior U.S. official said Thursday.

WMFF -- Ibiza, Spain

Take a trip with HIGH TIMES to the beautiful island of Ibiza for the first World Marijuana Film Festival. HT Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager oversees the festivities and hands out the awards for excellence in pot and film.

Anti-Bush Shirt OK in School

MONTPELIER, Vt. -- A Vermont appeals court has sided unanimously with a middle-school student punished for wearing an anti-drug, anti-Bush T-shirt.



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