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Growbox Cultivation: Introduction

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Growing great pot in limited space can be tricky but HIGH TIMES editorial director and cultivation expert Nico Escondido has the solution. All-in-one, turn-key growboxes – like the one featured here from Cabinet Grow – offer solutions for w...


Recent Articles

Student Group Drums Up Opposition to Drug War

Gary Davey smokes marijuana and credits the drug with relieving pain from injuries he received in a head-on collision that shattered most of his bones from the waist down and confined him to a wheelchair in 1989.

Senate Passes Patriot Act Renewal

WASHINGTON - With the Senate voting Thursday to renew the USA Patriot Act, the measure moves to the House, which is expected to pass the legislation next week.

UMass Debate Goes to Pot

DARTMOUTH -- In arguing their sides of the debate on legalizing marijuana, two experts weren’t exactly blowing smoke.

The Prince Of Pot

(CBS) A Canadian who calls himself the "Prince of Pot" could wind up in a U.S. jail for life for selling marijuana seeds, but says he would be "blessed" because such a plight could help legalize the drug.

Scientists Say Smoking Cannabis DOESN'T Lead to Taking Harder Drugs

CLAIMS that cannabis use leads to harder drugs were yesterday dismissed as nonsense.

High Student Arrested for Postings on MySpace.com

Myspace.com, it is a popular and sometimes dangerous website among teens and now there has been an arrest because of the site.

RCMP Make Cyberbust

An Internet company that sold marijuana seeds has gone over like a lead zeppelin with the RCMP.


With great sadness, HIGH TIMES must report that the Overgrow website has disappeared from the internet indefinitely, amid an investigation by Canadian law enforcement that led to the arrest of seven people, including Richard Hratch Baghdadlian, Overgrow’s owner/oper...

Sensor Instantly Detects Cocaine in Blood

Researchers have created a sensor to instantly test for cocaine in a person's blood, streamlining a process that otherwise takes hours.

Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells

Researchers investigating the role of cannabis in cancer therapy reveal it has the potential to destroy leukaemia cells, in a paper published in the March 2006 edition of Letters in Drug Design & Discovery.



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