High Times Presents: The U.S. Cannabis Cup


PIX OF THE CROP: 01.27.15

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Our favorite reader submitted photos for the week of January 27, 2015.


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Somali Woman Lashed for Selling Marijuana

Mogadishu - Islamic leaders in Mogadishu gave a woman 11 lashes for selling cannabis on Thursday, the first female to receive such punishment since the fundamentalist rulers took over the capital in June.


Mites and Yellow Leaves

The HIGH TIMES Guide to Higher Education:

Take the official tour of any college or university, and you’ll soon find yourself strolling through the quad, visiting a dorm room, marveling at the size of the library, stopping in for a “not-so-bad” lunch at the cafeteria and even meeting a student hand-...


By Steven Hager

Seniors Thought Pot Plant was 'Attractive Weed'

PRESCOTT - A sheriff's deputy patrolling a senior housing development outside Prescott spotted a 5-foot-tall marijuana plant growing between two residents' driveways.

Australia: No Jail for Cannabis Doctor

By Graham Storer

Top Marathons Want Tougher Sanctions

The world's top five marathons want international and national federations to do more to stop athletes from using performance-enhancing substances.

Unsigned Bands: Muck Sticky

Muck Sticky

A Law Unto Herself

The criminal defense attorney is star-struck, young and unorthodox. But don't be fooled. She's also Ivy League, savvy and successful.



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