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HIGH TIMES 2015 Vape Pen Review: Top 5 Herbal Pens

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This year HIGH TIMES pulled out all the stops and reviewed over 100 vape pens for flower and concentrate, with 27 judges weighing in on every part of each device to come up with the best vaporizers available.  


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Most Presidential Candidates Back Medical Marijuana Patient Protection

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE — With the medical marijuana issue already drawing attention on the presidential campaign trail, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has returned to New Hampshire to join with local residents in an effort to press the candidates to take a stand...

Feds Can Seize Half of House in Pot Case

A Connecticut woman who has maintained that she was not aware of her husband's hobby of raising marijuana in the basement will get to keep her half of their house, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Ex-Cop Faces Marijuana Charge

Ex-A former longtime city cop is facing drug charges after more than a dozen marijuana plants were found in his East Kildonan home.

Marijuana Group Pushes Another Measure in Denver

Citizens for a Safer Denver have collected enough signatures on a petition to get another marijuana initiative on the city's November ballot.

Report: Indonesia VP Endorses Cannabis for Cooking

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Marijuana possession should remain a crime in Indonesia, but chefs who use the herb as a traditional way to season curries should not be arrested, the country's vice president told local reporters.

Leisure and Innocence:

Nearly every summer, the High Times set puts down their gravity bongs, turns off Reading Rainbow, and emerges from the safe confines of their parents' basements to descend upon America's multiplexes for a no less glorious occasion than the summer stoner movie. Not to be conf...

Afghan Opium Production Up 50 Per Cent in One Year

Afghanistan increased its opium production by 49 per cent in one year according to a new UN report.

August 2007 Issue Preview -- Guide to Psychedelics

Regardless of what your trip is, the August issue of HT has all the info you need. From shrooms and acid to ecstasy and DMT, the experienced HT staff breaks down Psychedelics 101. Plus, Lone Star strains at the first annual Austin Cup, pot pest control, touring a fungus fac...

Bonnaroo Music Festival Gallery

Photos by Michael Weintrob / Groovetography

GAME REVIEW: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

By Lex Eskobar aka “The Game Bud”



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