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PIX OF THE CROP: 06.24.16

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The HIGH TIMES Interview: Wanda James

The cannabis industry is often decried as being the realm of white men, despite the fact that the War on Drugs has disproportionately affected people of color. This fact is not lost on Wanda James, who decided to get into the cannabis industry due to her brother'...

Radical Rant: 10 States Voting on Marijuana Reform

We are less than 20 weeks away from the 2016 election. While most people are focused on the race for president, here at HIGH TIMES we’re excited that fully one-fifth of the United States will be voting on either medical marijuana or legalization. 

Government Employee Gets Job Back After Being Fired for MMJ Use

A senior programmer and systems analyst in Lane County, Oregon is getting his job back after being fired for his medical marijuana use.

Police Hit Toronto with New Round of Dispensary Raids

Toronto police raided more cannabis dispensaries on Thursday—a sequel to last month's "Project Claudia." Raids were reported on the Cannabis Culture and Canna Clinic dispensaries, both in the herb-friendly Yonge Street are...

UN World Drug Report Shows Cannabis Use and Acceptance Continues to Grow

The 2016 World Drug Report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) released yesterday, shortly after April's UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the world drug problem, provides a global overview of the supply and demand of opiates, co...

Mexico Will Not Legalize Medical Marijuana Anytime Soon

Although Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto seemed hell-bent on legalizing medical marijuana earlier this year, a recent report from Vice News suggests that all of the noise surrounding the possibility of major drug reforms in a nation, wh...

Pot Matters: The 1980’s Plan to Win the Drug War

Regardless of the era, and regardless of the issue, anyone who understand the history of drug prohibition should understand the danger posed by those who claim that common sense trumps debate and that “positive action is displaced by inaction resulting from endless ...

Portland Commissioner Seeks to Expunge Prior Weed Convictions with Pot Tax

Starting next year, Oregon will decrease its current 25 percent tax on recreational pot to 17 percent, with an option for cities and counties to collect up to an additional 3 percent more in taxes, if voters agree.

Paraguay: Drug Czar Steps Down After Deadly Anti-Cannabis Operation

On Monday, Paraguay's top anti-drug official stepped down, two days after a botched anti-cannabis operation left a three-year-old girl dead at the hands of his troops. 

Police: Man Died While Unloading $12 Million in Marijjuana

A Connecticut man died while unloading $12 million worth of marijuana in suburban Atlanta and police said Wednesday no foul play was suspected.



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