Whats good yall?  The Piff Prime Minister is back on his job!  Back to work & feeling good!  I been on a vacation for a lil while now..  Few small week long jail visits for small shit (Smoking in public, Tresspassing in some dudes hotel room bcuz his chick had me there etc.) but I'm back where I belong.  I was on NYC's Hot 97 last month With Lisa Evers, Jay (NORML) & Kristen Davis. We we're discussing the legalization of Marijuana in NY.  Good conversation! If you guys missed it check it out:



Our Marijuana Legalization Discussion on Hot 97 - Click 8-1-10!! I come on after the break! I represented High Times like the G i am..


I released my "Only In Amer-Ica" mixtape on July 4th!!  Damn it's been that long since I hit yall??  My bad..  Won't happen again..   I just needed time alone 4 a minute.  I'm working on my newest most prolific & artist-ic mixtape ever.  It's called: ICASSO (The Classic). Checkout the cover (if you look at my name upside down it's trippy):



I just released the 1st single off of the mixtape yesterday!! Here: "Do Ya Job" Produced by, J Breeze


Not only am I back on my job.. My Team is too! My big homey & BK brother Shannon Briggs is about to fight Vitali Klitchko in Hamburg, Germany next month for the heavy weight championship! He's about to bring that belt home to Amer-Ica just in time (My Amer-Ica album drops in Feb 2011). Check out espn for more details on the fight. Click here...


Check out me & Shannon in Miami chopping it up:


Check out Shannon Runs Hamburg (Klitchko's Hometown):


Well thats it for me right now yall..  I'm back & I will be checking in with yall alot more. Until the next time...   Light Up & Blaze!!!