Greetings Amigos!

Just a heads up that starting next week, High Times Cultivation experts Danny Danko and Nico Escondido will be exploring Canada's west side with excursions around British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

Danko & Nico will venture out on the islands to uncover the secrets of B.C.'s fabled outdoor grow operations, checking out this year's newest strains and the yields for the 2007 Fall harvests.

While out there the boys will visit with breeders from seed banks such as Greenlife Seeds and Vancouver Island Seed Company to see the latest indoor technologies in use and deliver indoor grow tips on hydroponic set-ups as well as breeding techniques up North.

Be sure to tune in for regular updates via diary blogs from our Cultivation gurus as they go guerrilla to bring you more of what you need for growing your own dank herb!

Until then, stay well ~

HT Cultivation Team