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Green Army NY is planning a Legislative Day in Albany, scheduled for April 2010. We plan to take medical marijuana patients on a day trip to Albany so their voices can be heard. We are going to meet and discuss with our legislators and show them why it is so important to move forward with the issue. With your support and donations – we can make this day happen. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending or volunteering, please let us know.  


Green Army NY is also in the process of publishing a member-submitted book of short stories and we need your help:


Topics will include:


·   Personal experiences with medical marijuana

·   Family/friend experience with medical marijuana

·   Medical marijuana myths

·   Humorous anecdotes pertaining to marijuana experiences, including recreational


**All proceeds from book sales are donations to Green Army NY, Inc., a Non-Profit Organization**


This is where we need your help. We are asking anyone who wants to share to write us with their story. Submissions can be made by email or our Mail Call page – we will provide all the information. The published winners will get free t-shirts and a sticker pack.   


We want to thank you for your support! Without you there is no Green Army. Keep checking back to the site to see where we’ll be and what we’re doing.


To make donations, check the homepage or Commissary for PayPal Donate buttons. Remember, you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate!


Also added to the site – The Blog Corner! Check there to hear from Ganja Granny and Captain C. Gilroy.


GANJAGRANNYSEZ: High everybody!

Well, not exactly that “High!” We can't celebrate just yet. Things are lookin' good, but not "that good.” We have come a long way and the big M is no longer a hush hush subject. Ganja Granny believes without a doubt that Green Army NY has one of the best approaches out there. Everywhere Green Army NY shows up, they are warmly and enthusiastically received…

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Capt. C Gilroy's "Weed 'em and Reap"


In the weeks since the death of beloved pop star Michael Jackson, many revelations about his life and lifestyle are being brought to light. One thing that has been a subject of intense debate was his use of certain medications that aided his ability to fall asleep. Although autopsy results are pending and may never be fully revealed to the public, Jackson’s personal doctor Dr. Conrad Murray has publicly admitted to…

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