Since I didn’t make it home until 5 am, I slept til about 2:30 on Tuesday. When I woke up, Vaporella went bi-postal on me (a new word I’ve coined—a cross between bipolar and postal) and we went our separate ways. I rented my own car (a sweet little silver Neon) and spent the remainder of the day leisurely strolling down Melrose checking out vintage shops. In the evening I met my ex Deana Anais—now an up-and-coming fashion designer/stylist—at a little sidewalk French place for wine and pate, where we caught up and reminisced a bit. Later I went to meet Arthur from Unida at his friend’s place up in Laurel Canyon, where we ate hotdogs, drank beer, smoked weed and watched Robocop. It was nice to just chill and rest up a bit—I still had a crazy few days ahead of me.