Greetings from the Netherlands, this place has everything you need. I do love it. These are my classified field notes from the trip.  Arrived in Amsterdam Sunday, Nov. 22nd at 6:15 PM, showered, had a bowl of shrimp-pumpkin soup, walked over to "The Melkweg/The Milkyway", a top notch music venue in Amsterdam at 7:30 PM.  Was sent backstage right away, hashed it out with the organizers of the event, walked on the stage my first hour in Amsterdam hosting the Opening Ceremonies for The 22nd High Times Cannabis Cup! I put together a short film vlog, with surreal sights, joyful sounds and mad herb. Enjoy LOUNGE ACT IN THE GREEN ROOM.

Check it out.. easier than reading. Thanks! RC

"Lounge Act In The Green Room"