It's the gift that keeps on giving. Amsterdam.


Let me start with something that I never knew about Amsterdam. In the summer, the sun sets at 10 PM. It rises around 4 AM. There is a good 18 hours of daylight here right now. Does anyone see where I'm going with this? If not, you people need to start growing weed. An 18 hour veg cycle is ideal and with the power of the sun (rather than our trivial indoor lamps) imagine the plants - no the TREES - that you'd grow by summer's end! My mother always said that money doesn't grow on trees. Well, I am happy to say that it does here.


So, what's the point. It's simple. If you don't already grow weed you need to. Look, a plant or four in your closet isn't going to ruffle any panties over at the DEA. And as far as any local police go, you're not the droids they're looking for. So stop making excuses because there are none that are acceptable. Be the change you want to see, don't live in fear...


... but if you must live in fear then there's a second point. Visit Holland.


I won't claim to be an expert here, but if you ask me, Amsterdam has it figured out. First of all, there's hundreds of coffeeshops that you can waltz into and buy a gram or an ounce, weed or hash, pot food or pot drinks and smoke from a pipe, bong, joint, spliff, or vaporizer. There's naked girls in windows and looking is free of charge. Everyone rides bikes and if you get on a tram and ask to pay for a one-stop ride, they tell you no worries, one stop is free. Beer is anywhere from 5.5-10.5% (standard) and mushrooms are sold in souvenier shops. Oh, yeah, did I mention that ganja grows on trees?


Ok, you get the point. Grow weed, go to Amsterdam. Put 'em on the bucket list.


Now, on to some of the questions that have been posted.


Altminos asks how many days should be set aside for a good trip in Amsterdam. Well, if you're taking the Hawaiian fungus, you'll need at least 3 days. I had a friend take some boomers in the park next to the Van Gogh and ended up naked and chaser a woman with a stroller. Not the best way to impress the locals. In terms of vacation, you'll need five days - the entire duration of the Cannabis Cup. The Cup is held here every year over Thanksgiving weekend. Check out the HT homepage for the newly released schedule of events for the 21st Cup this November!


BigRed emailed in to ask how a great journalist like Mr. Escondido is still not married.... Look, MOM, I told you to stop emailing me goofy questions. I'm a very busy man!


DaSluz posts "Are there any bonehead things that I shouldn't do?"... Well, sir, there are many. Don't walk in bike paths - that's a good one. And don't walk into a coffeeshop and drop a kilo of danky and start rollin'g up bombers for the whole place. I tried that one and was promptly asked to leave if I wasn't going to buy anything. But probably the worst thing you could do is not come to Amsterdam during the Cup (in case I haven't plugged it enough ;-).


Well, I think that's all for now amigos. Two more days left and a lot of hash to start sending back home. NO! Just kidding.... never send hash. Smuggle it, in your shoes. And don't forget the seeds!


Keep growing & stay well.




(That's actually a street here, by the way - with a good seed shop called DNA Genetics. Check it out!)