Over the weekend of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I was booked to do Stand-Up comedy shows in my hometown of Washington, DC. I found myself peddling a rented three-speed bike all around our nation's capital that weekend. I felt like I was 14 years old again, or in Amsterdam. There were cops everywhere because of the 9/11 media hype, it was a tense moment for America, and for myself... because I had a blunt in my pocket. The whole time I had a mixture of absolute joy for riding a bike around my home town safely and “High Alert!” – like....  “Oh Shit!, there are cops everywhere.... and I have a blunt in my pocket.” I just hoped they were not looking for fuzzy headed comics on bikes.  


We are in the future now freaks, I rented the bike from these new computer automated rental stations, where you can pick up a bike, drive it around for 30 minutes and then drop it off at another station. It is like vending machines for bikes. The bikes are a new transit idea that is happening in Washington DC, it actually works. My friend had a yearly membership and he gave me the key-card for the automated machines. All the rental bikes have that woman's style low bar, I never understood why a man's bike had to have that center nut crunching bar, odd right? It was a wild trip, the shows were great, the bikes kicked-ass but right now my 30 something year old back is wrecked from popping wheelies. Peace, Love and having fun!!! Here is the link to the bike share, if you are ever in Washington, DC.