I just got back from the HIGH TIMES San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup and boy are my arms... huge fucking Dragon Wings!  Whooaaa... still feeling a bit medicated. I got to host the BIG awards show for the event and it was a day dream come to life. The whole thing was a top notch party and very informative.  


The minute I stepped off the plane, excitement ran through my nervous system like an electric EEL down a water slide. California has the best quality and variety of herb I have ever seen. I lived in San Francisco from 1999 - 2003 and marijuana was liberal back then, but these days it is a major force in the local economy.  


The CUP felt like a fun stoned-out Rave meets a comic book convention, where the biggest “Superhero” is a funky smelling plant.  The music Saturday night was a cold rocker with a heavy helping of reggae and hip-hop, "Big Ups" & mad puffs to Junior Reid, Curren$y, Real One, DJ Jacques and The Cali Connection.  Check out this travel video. 


Peace, Love and Having Fun