Besides flying FIRST CLASS ( on VIRGIN AIR to the moon), taking the AMTRAK train is my favorite way to travel, “that CHUG-CHUG sound" mellows me out like oatmeal and a couch. The Amtrak train is the easiest way to travel on the East Coast between cities for a short distance. Love stumbling onto an Amtrak train with a fat-ass seat, a food car with Microwave-able hamburgers and a electrical socket to charge your IPHONE-thing. 


I have taken the AMTRAK a ton to Boston, D.C., Philly for many shows. For a stoned comic, train travel is the BEST, no intense pat-downs, or hard-core luggage searches. I would never advise traveling with a huge amount of herb on a train. I have seen dogs at Penn Station and Union Station, lots people assure me the dogs sniff only for bombs... but what the fuck do they know. Always be careful with weed on the East Coast and the South, the laws are waayyyyy behind the times. 


It would be awesome if there could be a super-train that goes to CHICAGO from NY in 3 hours, LA to SF, 2 hours) the technology is really there to zip all around the country in style. I believe high-tech train travel and legalizing pot would really ease the stress out there on the American highways.  Amtrak trains are pricey, it costs up to $200.00 to go from DC to NYC one-way. It was not always that way, AMTRAK used to be subsidized by the government. I remember buying $35.00 tickets in 2003. That is why there are more buses and traffic on the road these days. When Amtrak started charging that much, the underground bus services started to pop up in PHILLY, NY & DC. Car traffic is terrible in NY, DC, Boston and California has the worst. This country needs SUPER-TRAINS, so we can really start moving around the country with less stress and more weed.