Well readers, I’ve officially organized my first successful event and I’m exhausted!


As many of you may know, Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Students for a Democratic Society at the University of Oklahoma co-sponsored Teach-In: The Failure of U.S. Drug Policy, Tuesday, April 20, 2010.


We spent hours out on the south oval of campus blocking foot traffic and distracting bikers and skateboarders as we handed out upwards of 1200 quarter-page fliers. We hung full-page posters on the front doors of the major buildings around campus and we even filled 30 or so balloons with helium, tied quarter-page fliers to the ends of their strings, and let them go at lunch time in the middle of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. The place was packed, the balloons were colorful and our mission was relatively simple – make people curious and get them talking. Mission accomplished.


We ended up having a showing of about 30 or so people and some great questions were posed at the end of the forum, including one by SDS president Matt Bruenig regarding the possibility of getting some form of a marijuana decriminalization bill on the ballot in Norman, Okla. A brilliant idea that I’ll be sure to keep you updated on as it develops, that is to say if it develops. (Ooooh I hope it does!)


As a result of the event, our SSDP chapter has seven new members, exec elections will take place Friday, April 30 and in three weeks, I'll no longer be the president of SSDP as I'll officially be an alum! Not a bad way to finish out my college career if you ask me. ;)