"I was terminated because I failed a drug screening," says former WalMart employee Joseph Casias.


It's not like Wal-Mart doesn't get enough bad press. The big, bad corporation that crushes poor little mom and pop stores into the dust as they roll on to world domination. So they decided that the firing of a state-licensed medical marijuana patient was a great cause to champion.


Maybe they're legally in the right, maybe they aren't. Either way, why cause an uproar by standing by the firing of a man who is, by all accounts, a great and loyal employee?


"In 2008, Casias was the Associate Of The Year at the WalMart store in Battle Creek, despite suffering from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor."


Wow, dude sounds like a total slacker.


"I gave them everything," he says. "110 percent every day. Anything they asked me to do I did. More than they asked me to do. 12 to 14 hours a day."


I assume that Wal-Mart pulls in so many competent people with their low wages that they can afford to lose an employee of the year...but I wouldn't count on it.


But it gets even better for Wal-Mart:


"...As a direct result, medical marijuana advocates are now organizing a nationwide boycott of the retail giant."


Even a small boycott will hurt Wal-Mart in the profit margin, and cost far more money than it's worth. Are they slow to change, or do they just believe it's better not to back down? Time will tell, but I always thought Wal-Mart was in business to make money, not make some sort of social statement.


And so it begins:


"More than 100 people turned out for the demonstration to support Casias, a five-year employee at the Battle Creek, Michigan WalMart store."


Good call Wal-Mart. You really know how to piss people off. Sounds like a sound business strategy.


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