11 Hints You Might Be Dating Your Bong

Face it, your piece is basically your significant other …

You always eat food when with them. Those are basically dinner dates, right?

Their hygiene is very important to you because nothing is better than when they smell nice and fresh. You just can’t keep your hands off of them.

They join you in Netflix binge-watching marathons. In fact, they have their own special place on the couch right next to you.

They’re the last thing you hold before going to sleep. 

If anything were to happen to them, you don’t know what you would do — an empty void would be in your heart.

You feel uneasy when you leave them alone with other people sometimes. What if they hurt or touch them inappropriately?! 

You spend almost every waking second together. And you ain’t even mad.

You don’t even realize how much of your paycheck you spend on keeping it nice and full, not to mention all the new pretty accessories you bought for it. I mean look at how shiny that new bowl is.

Not being able to be with them is the hardest time ever. You just can’t wait to run back into their arms after work.

You turn to it when you’re feeling down, it never fails in making you feel better. 

When you put your lips to it, you see sparks and feel magic. So this is true love. 

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