3rd Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament Tees-up for Business, Pleasure and Goodwill

This summer marks the third year that the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament took center stage on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. The event is produced by Fore Twenty Sports founder Matt Enos and his partners Andy Yashar and Stephen Gold of the Daily Leaf. The goal of this tournament, and other Fore Twenty events like Canna Bowl and their upcoming California golf event, is to raise awareness for cannabis industry brands while giving back to cannabis-related charities.

The tournaments present a unique opportunity for business leaders to mingle in an industry that is still in its infancy.

Presented by Botanicare and General Hydroponics, this year’s third annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament was held June 29, featured 18 different leading brands at each hole of the course and brought together over 300 industry leaders from the state of Oregon and beyond.

“When first getting started with these tournaments, my goal was to create an energy that’s different from an ordinary trade show,” said Enos.

An avid golfer since childhood, Enos grew up on the links in Southern California where he hosted weekly golf tournaments before moving to Oregon 10 years ago. Enos is also director of sales and compliance for Oregon OLCC-licensed producer Novik Industries. His experience in both cannabis and golf informs the successful tournament.

“We bring out producers, processors, wholesalers, ancillary businesses and everything in between,” he explained. “Everyone loves this day of the year because they are able to let their guard down, enjoy the sun, network and build a camaraderie with others in the industry.”

Approaching each hole throughout the day became a guessing game of “what’s next?”

Edible producer Grön enticed with an ice sculpture to try their CBD white chocolate milk. Oil processor and cartridge producers Truly Pure played host to a human-sized hamster ball, where races took place all day under the sunshine. Out on the Cannabis Distribution Company’s hole, everyone let off some steam from the 95-degree day with a good ole fashioned water gun fight.

“We have a blast at Fore Twenty Sports’ events,” shared Truly Pure co-founder Matt Buker. Truly Pure was one of the 20 featured brands at this summer’s golf tournament.

“Last summer was the first Fore Twenty Sports tournament we were involved in, and we really loved the respect everyone had for each other and the relationships we were able to build.” Buker said, appreciating how Fore Twenty Sports events depart from the traditional expo ethos. “We’re so busy grinding every day that it’s hard to pause and nurture that rapport with retailers and other companies we work with in the industry. We see them on the green, and we’re able to have genuine conversations, build an actual moment together. That’s what it’s all about.”

While encouraging good times and meaningful networking, the all-day, sunshine-filled event served a third purpose: proceeds from the event were also used to raise money and awareness for Freedom Grow, the Dr. Dina-lead non-profit working to make a difference in the lives of non-violent people imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes.

Freedom Grow donates money for commissary to purchase basic necessities like soap, combs, toothbrushes, clean drinking water, palatable food, phone calls home, postage stamps and dozens of other items. Dr. Dina, a pioneer of the medical cannabis movement, was the first woman to start a medical marijuana doctor’s office and dispensary in Southern California. Today, she runs Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood. Dr. Dina has helped politicians, entertainment business executives and Hollywood celebrities, including long-time friend Snoop Dogg, obtain their medical marijuana cards.

“Every single participant receives between $100 to $300 dollars every month we make money. When they get money, it takes away stress,” said Dr. Dina in an April interview with Merry Jane. “We have pot prisoners who have been in jail for 35 to 45 years, some in a wheelchair with no family. If we don’t send them a card or letter, no one does. We’re the only ones that make these prisoners smile. If you don’t get mail and don’t get money, the guards make fun of you. When you get mail and money, you get treated better by everyone. Plus, if one of our prisoners is not being taken care of properly, it helps to have someone on the outside advocating.”

The Third Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament raised $1,500 dollars for the organization.

As the sun slowly slipped away, 18 holes of golf lasted a little longer than usual. With all the fun and excitement between play, it’s easy to see why. As teams came in off the course, everyone reconvened in the clubhouse for dinner and an awards ceremony.

Local Oregon producer 5 Budz walked away with the championship title for best score. Green Light Law Group, a Portland-based firm focused on providing legal solutions to the marijuana industry in Oregon, came in second, just a few points behind. Rip City Remedies’ Scott Grenfell won for closest to the pin and Shadowbox Farms’ Eric Musky won for the longest drive. Decked out in matching white knickers, white ivy caps and black polo shirts, popular Portland dispensary Deanz Greenz won best dressed.

“We really wanted to create a party atmosphere and have people not worry too much about their everyday work,” Yashar explained. “We look forward to helping more companies connect in the future as we grow with the industry.”

Tournament prizes were provided by MagicalButter, NugTools, Zafa Glass, CannaSmack, Pot Pockets, Atman Vaporizer, Resolution and Piecemaker, among others.

Capping off another win for the cannabis industry, Fore Twenty has its eyes on their next tournament.

Registration is open now for their Southern California tournament on Friday, October 13. But, if something even more relaxed than golf is your style, you’ll probably love their Canna Bowl events, known as the only cannabis bowling tournaments in the country.

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