4 Poses That Every True Stoner Needs To Master

Stoners come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure: If you can't master these classic poses presented by StonedGirls.com, you've got a long road ahead of you to true stonerdom.

1.) The Arnold:

"Marijuana… That's not a drug, that's a plant."

2.) The Half Baked:

"This weed was the shiz-nittlebam snip-snap-sack."

3.) The Pineapple Express:

"If anyone asks, you got it from Sau – -I mean… Santiago and… Dunbar."

4.) The Cheech and Chong Classic #7:

Pedro: I been smoking since I was born, man, I can smoke anything, man. You know like I smoke that Michoacán, and Acapulco Gold, man. I even smoke that tied stick, you know? 
Man Stoner: "Tied stick"? 

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