9 Spring Stoner Activities You Need To Do Right Now

1. Have an outdoor picnic: Find the swings! Jump into a pile of leaves!

2. Is it raining? Have a horror movie marathon: “I can’t tell if I’m scared or if this is funny, but I think I’m definitely scared.”

3. Sore after a spring hike? Have a bubble bath: “Buuubbles are so weird, but so fun.”

4. Feelin spooky? Play on a ouija board: Deep conversations with the dead, anyone?

5. Loving Mother Earth? Watch an HD nature documentary: Thank us later.

6. Paint: Unleash the creativity!

7. Sun blazing? Swim in the ocean — “Is that Nemo?”

8. Fried from that blazing sun? Play some old-school board games or Legos.

9. Spring sleepover? Build a fort out of blankets and pillows: The ultimate comfort zone.