Dan Skye’s Biggest Pot Gardens

Over the course of my career at HIGH TIMES, I’ve visited all shapes and sizes of gardens, from closets to colossal acreages. I remember the first really “big” garden I saw. It was 1996. The grow op was located in a small warehouse on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The grower had been contracted by one of the city’s coffeeshops to supply their product. It seemed enormous at the time.

Obviously, Amsterdam’s tolerance toward pot created this type of demand where a grower would dare to sow a sizeable garden. But in America, HIGH TIMES didn’t come across many indoor growers taking chances of this magnitude.

I shot that garden with a fisheye lens. Naturally, two decades later, the garden seems far bigger! Over the next 20 years, I shot progressively bigger gardens. Now, with the onset of legalization, HIGH TIMES consistently sees acre-sized gardens or more!

Here, are a few of the biggest pot gardens I’ve ever photographed.