Exclusive: High Hijinks with Mr. Lahey and Randy from ‘Trailer Park Boys’

When I received word that I was meeting up with Patrick Roach and John Dunsworth, the two super talented cats who play Randy and Mr. Lahey in the Netflix series Trailer Park Boys, the first thing I did was call up my local weed dealer to see if could get my hands on a vicious bag of dope to knock their Canadian dicks in the dirt. After all, it’s not everyday a guy like me gets to step inside the proverbial shit circus of a couple of fictitious television characters and force them to live up to their legendary status.

But, let me tell you, those two seemingly drunk, cheeseburger-eating bastards saw me coming all the way from Nova Scotia. What was supposed to go down as a normal, run-of-the-mill interview—only with a blitzkrieg bud bazooka loaded up with some Hoosier homegrown to render them catatonic and unable to perform their next set—turned into debaucherous scene straight from the flaming shit yards of Sunnyvale. High Times, indeed!

Five minutes into the interview, if that is what this snippet of insanity should be labeled, I had no idea who the fuck I was even talking to—Patrick and John or Randy and Mr. Lahey—but together, down some bizarre, unspoken path into the rancid shit-halls of an EconoLodge smack dab in the armpit of Evansville, Indiana, we emerged with the following video—destined to set a new standard for writers, journalists or other media dick lickers who dare attempt to compete with the true professionals.

Randy and Mr. Lahey are currently in the United States supporting their “No Pants Unpissed” tour 2017. The show is fucking brilliant, to say the least, and a must see for any fan of liquor, whores or wild-eyed commentary on the state of a loser nation—regardless of where your fat friggin’ ass sits in the world.

Find out when Randy and Mr. Lahey will be in your neck of the woods by clicking here.

By the way, Season 11 of the Trailer Park Boys comes to Netflix Friday, March 31.

Mike Adams is a freelance writer for HIGH TIMES, Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane and several other marijuana-themed publications. His work has also appeared in Playboy. You can follow him on: Facebook.com/mikeadams73, Twitter @adamssoup or Instagram @mikeadamsofficial.

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