Giveaway: Power Pen’s Massive Atomizer Pack

Power Pen just invented a new way to vape and HIGH TIMES is spreading the word! We are celebrating with a big giveaway every Friday.
About Power Pen's Brand New Oil Atomizer:
Power Pen's new Atomizer is the first of its kind. Its functionality is unmatched, with the power to vaporize thick or thin liquids of all viscosities — Jelly, Thick E-liquids, Thin E-liquids & Co2 Oil & does not leak — and produce HUGE vapor hits. It took countless hours of research, trial, and error, but we have finally perfected the small atomizer that packs a major punch! We are celebrating by giving away an Atomizer Pack (Atomizer + Power Pen Vaporizer + Power Pen Stealth, Power Pen Disposable) to one lucky winner every Friday for the next 4 weeks!
How to enter:

LIKE our Facebook page, SHARE our post, and sign up at

*(Must be 18 or older to win.) Entering one time will qualify you for all of the drawings. 



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