Glass Artist of the Month: Marni

Marni fell in love with glass at the age of 15, mesmerized by its possibilities. By the age of 17, she was taking classes. “I was searching for a place in life and glass was my home,” Marni says. “I moved right in. I spent my life savings to buy a torch and tools and quit my job working in our family restaurant,”

After a short apprenticeship, Marni established her own shop. But still, she searched for more. “I hooked up with some glass workers in Colorado, sold my car, my furniture and anything else I could get rid of. The rest is history — but what I didn’t know was that one of these awesome glassblowers, Cajun, would become my husband.”

But California was calling to the couple. Unfortunately, they got sidetracked in Las Vegas for a few years, an experience Marni describes thusly: “I left with a foot in my ass. Vegas chewed me up and spit me out. We escaped barely, but while there, our hearts melted together. We moved back to Colorado as a couple, and now are married and working in the only state that makes me happy.”

Marni and Cajun now run Cajun Glass Designs where they collaborate on nearly all of the pieces they produce, comprising a vast array of pipes and jewelry. “Making things you share with your friends or your family is very rewarding. I like to have a connection to my audience.”

Check out Marni’s work at below!

Horned Hand Pipe
Marni fashioned this gorgeous hand pipe with a Navajo rug-type design and a pair of horns.

If you're purchasing a beautiful vessel, why not accessorize your entire stoner look with a matching pendant?

Badass Bubbler
Marni outdid herself with this Goth-style bubbler featuring scores of little yin-yang symbols stuffed in a marble (next photo).

Marni competes in the 2007 Female Flameoff in Philadelphia.