Happy 710!

We all celebrate April 20th or 4/20. It comes once a year and it’s our national stoner holiday. But guess what? We’ve got another one! With the rise in popularity of “dabs," high-THC concentrates and oils, July 10th has grown in popularity as our new, secondary stoner holiday.

Why? If you turn the number 710 (or July 10th) upside down, the word “OIL” is spelled out. A strong consensus is building within our community that the date July 10th should henceforth be recognized as a day to celebrate the wonderful world of oils and concentrates. In other words, July 10th will now be known as “Dab Day.”

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Interested in learning techniques to safely create clean and healthy concentrates? Check out The Art and Science of Cleaning Concentrates by K. of Trichome Technologies and Mel Frank – Part One and Part Two.

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Happy Dab Day!

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