HIGH TIMES: Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup: Day Two


It's hot and sunny here in Michigan. Voting is open, the dabs are being sorted and crowd is super stony. Tonight's awards show will prove who's the best of the best in Michigan!

There's glassblowing on site:

And everyone is getting along:

The vendors are doing a good business:

Streetheart has great t-shirts:

The guys (and ladies) at Vader Extracts and Nexus Glass are having a great time:

Risque posters are available:

Nico Escondido's “Beginner Grow Tips for Indoor Cultivation: Get Growing Now!” session was standing room only:

As was Elise McDonough's "Art of Edibles."

There's a lot of weed out there:

Seriously. A lot of weed:

And, of course, the dabs are here too:



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