More Illegal than Marijuana? 5 Weird Colorado Laws

By Jason Gray

Every state has some quirky laws. While Colorado led the marijuana legalization charge nationwide with Amendment 64 to the state constitution, that doesn’t mean residents are free to do anything they want. Here are five odd things that are now more illegal than pot in Colorado.

Selling cars on Sunday.
Medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational pot shops are allowed to sell every day. Hitting Phil Long to buy a car on Sunday? Forget about it. Dealerships can have their license revoked and salespeople can face six months in jail for breaking this ban. Colorado is far from alone in restricting vehicle sales; in fact the practice is encouraged by many in the auto industry itself.

Drinking raw milk from a cow or goat you don’t own.
Raw milk legalization may be a close second to marijuana in the passion it stirs from proponents. Retail sales of raw goat’s or cow’s milk is still illegal, though that hasn’t stopped so-called “cow share” programs from popping up. That’s good news for fans of the unpasteurized dairy product and artisanal cheesemakers, but once you pick up “your” cow’s milk, you can’t give it away to friends without breaking the law. The Campaign for Real Milk publishes a list where dairy rebels can get their fix.

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