7 Ways To Celebrate the Late Great Bob Marley’s Birthday

Photo from the September 1976 issue of High Times Magazine

February 6 is Bob Marley’s birthday, and there are plenty of ways to honor the King of Reggae’s memory. Here are our top ways to remember his legacy and contributions to both music and society.

1. Chill Out With Your Favorite Marley Record

Bob Marley

Exodus? Catch A Fire? Uprising? The best way to honor any artist is to, of course, listen to their music, and luckily, Marley has a great backlog to go through. Choose your favorite album, your preferred format (hooray for vinyl’s comeback), your best ganja and ride the waves .

2. Go Shopping and Make A Personal Ital Style Dinner


Due to his Rastafarian religion, eating rules are so strict that Marley took his own personal chef on tour. While ital food is vegetarian, Marley also ate meat and fish but most importantly stayed away from pork and salt. Honor Marley by cooking a traditional ital dinner tonight—here’s a recipe to get you started.

3. Roll A (Couple Of) Blunt(s) and Watch Marley



What better way to remember Marley’s legacy than watching the biography based on his life? With a 95 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, there’s not a much better way to spend a night than with a blunt and this film. If you need more convincing, Stephen Holden wrote in his New York Times review that, “Marley is a detailed, finely edited character study whose theme—Marley’s bid to reconcile his divided racial legacy—defined his music and his life.” Count us in.

4. Volunteer At A Local Soup Kitchen

Marley Helping People

Due to his upbringing in Jamaica, Marley was aware of the struggles the poor go through just to survive. After his fame, Marley gave back by doing what he could to support the poor in Jamaica—including buying some people houses. While you may not have the disposable income to buy someone a house, channel your inner Marley and donate some time at a local soup kitchen.

5. Take A Last Second Trip To The Bob Marley Museum


Located in Kingston, Jamaica, the museum is the former home of Marley, which his wife and family worked to convert into a museum for fans and contains many of his personal treasures. The location might mean this is a trip to plan for next year, but it’s definitely not to be missed.

6. Check Out The Marley Marijuana Line

 marley gif

Obviously, marijuana was a big part of Marley’s aura. After his death, Marley’s family worked with  a firm to develop products based around the strains that Marley enjoyed. There’s some great body care products, but definitely look at the suave wooden accessories, from grinders to pipes to stash boxes.

7. Grab Some Friends And Play A Round Of Soccer

There’s nothing better than combining a nice weed with an activity. Marley was not surprisingly a huge fan of soccer; he once famously told a journalist, “If you want to get to know me, you will have to play football against me and the Wailers.” Smoke up, find an open area and kick the ball around—you’ll never know when you’ll discover that you’re the next Pele.

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