WATCH: 2 Chainz Gets High with $500K Worth of Bongs and Dabs

With half a million dollars worth of weed, glass and dabs at his disposal, Georgia rapper 2 Chainz kicked off season three of GQ‘s Most Expensive Shit by holding the world’s “most expensive dab sesh.”

As host of the popular digital video series, 2 Chainz spends each episode showcasing the most outrageous toys of the extremely wealthy. Last year, he tried the world’s most expensive weed, smoked a gold-covered joint and hit the “biggest pipe in the world,” but this year, he somehow managed to kick it up a notch, launching the 20-episode season with $500,000 worth of bongs and dabs!

Marijuana industry vets Dr. Dina and Adam Ill were on hand to break down exactly how much each glass piece was worth—as well as the prices of the weed they were smoking. Let’s just say, 2 Chainz starts the video by taking a $50,000 bong hit.

Watch the full video below and catch new episodes on GQ‘s YouTube channel the third Tuesday of every month.


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