Watch: Art Contest’s Trippy 360° Music Video “Horror” (Exclusive Premiere)

Explore the glitchy cyberscape of “Horror,” and find yourself in a bizarre 3D world where your only guide is the unhinged, immersive sounds of Art Contest—think Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road during an LSD-fueled nightmare.

Viewable in 360 format via the YouTube app and Google Cardboard, or on a desktop using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera (sorry, no Safari yet), “Horror” is the latest single from Atlanta “math rock” duo Art Contest’s upcoming full-length album, Two Songs, out 6/2 via Post-Echo. Scroll around “Horror” to look around and listen to their strange, futuristic sonic world.

Coleman Monroe and Garrett Burke as Art Contest make spastic, high-energy, blood-spilling rock music—a messy, indescribable genre that has been referred to as “probability and statistics rock”. A relentless blend of organic and electronic composition, the duo channels the volume, energy, and intricacy of a ten-piece auditory assault.

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